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Transforming Big Data into Valuable Insights.

Systems Approach

Leverage expertise and advanced technology for fast results.

The Systems Imagination Approach

Technology-enabled Services. Multidisciplinary Experts. Valuable Insights.

A systematic and imaginative approach to data and analytics.
Systems Imagination provides healthcare and life science partners with comprehensive, transformative, and unmatched ultra-high definition translational medicine solutions by combining proprietary individual technologies with an integrated, data-driven workflow. As a first of its kind bioinformatics consulting group, we deliver more accurate science and medicine to ultimately improve every individual patient’s health.
The Systems Imagination, Inc. (SII) approach leverages:
  • Adaptive Learning Systems
  • Multiscalar Systems Modeling
  • Next Generation Computational Technology
  • In-house Expertise

Our results-based and established approach ensures:
Flexible solutions.
Rapid turnaround.
Meaningful analytics.
Our proprietary approach is inspired by the hierarchical network structures that make human intelligence and imagination possible.


Multidisciplinary research. Cutting-edge technology. Accelerated results.


Complex Science. Maximized Knowledge. Measured Returns.

SII can develop, execute, and manage a customized plan to produce results for specific needs on demand.


Healthcare Providers


Research Organizations

SII Team

Established Leadership. Multidisciplinary Experience. Proven Results.

With a wide range of expertise across multiple scientific fields, the SII team has experience managing and planning complex data projects and maximizing the return. We know Big Data.

Dr. Yoo previously was the CEO of MedTrust Online and additionally held executive and founder positions in numerous other startups.
Dr. Yoo received his PhD from Yale and was a Post Doctoral Fellow at UC Berkley.
chris yoo
Chris Yoo, PhD
Founder, Chairman & CEO
Dr. Mousses previously worked as Professor for the Center of Biointelligence (TGen) as well as holding multiple founder level and Chief Scientific officer positions.
Dr. Mousses received his PhD from the University of Toronto.
Spyro Mousses
Spyro Mousses, PhD
Founder, President
Gavin serves as general counsel and is a Partner at Magyar and Bogle.
Gavin received his JD and MBA from the University of Toronto, and his BS/MS in Genetics from the University of Western Ontario.
Gavin Bogle
Gavin Bogle Esq, BS, MS, MBA, JD
General Counsel
Dr. Von Hoff is the Physician-in-Chief and Distinguished Professor at TGen and holds an appointment as Professor Medicine, Mayo Clinic.
Dr. Von Hoff received his MD from Columbia University.
Daniel Von Hoff
Daniel Von Hoff, MD, FACP
Chief Advisor - Drug Development
Dr. Posner has previously performed academic and scientific work at TGen, The Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and Los Alamos National Labs.
Dr. Posner received his PhD from Cornell.
Richard Posner
Richard Posner, PhD
Advisor - Systems Biology
Mikki previously was the database manager and biostatician for Virginia Commonwealth University Health System.
Mikki received her MS in Biostatistics and PhD from Virginia Commonwealth University.
Mikki Behnke
Mikki Behnke, PhD
Director of Genomic Data Sciences
Viji previously was a scientist at the Integrated Cancer Genomics Division of TGen where she also served as computational scientist.
Viji received her MBA and MS in Computer Engineering from ASU and her PhD in Cancer Biology from McGill University.
Viji Shanmugam
Viji Shanmugan, MBA, PhD
Scott is the CEO of Alchemist Ventures and serves as board member for Dell's Health and Advisory board.
Scott received his MBA and PhD from the University of Minnesota.
Scott Jenkins
Scott Jenkins, MBA, PhD
Business Development Executive Advisor
Elizabeth serves as VP of Drug Development at Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, and was previously VP of Scientific Operations at Champions Oncology.
Elizabeth received her Ph.D. from the University of Texas.
Beth Bruckheimer
Elizabeth Bruckheimer, PhD
Business Development Executive
Yvette has held Sales and Reimbursement roles in Oncology and Neurology specialties with major pharmaceutical companies as well as Market Development at MedTrust Online.
Yvette holds her B.S. in Finance from Rutgers University.
Yvette Ferreira
Yvette Ferreira
Marketing Executive
Jeff works as SII's systems biology expert and is a research investigator at TGen. Jeff was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Washington.
Bill received his BS from the University of Arizona and his PhD from the University of Texas.
Jeff Kiefer
Jeff Kiefer
Systems Biology
David is a founder of Clear Data, Inc. and previously served as a Software Architect for BofA as well as Program and Project positions with CVS.
David attended ASU in computer science and political science.
David Schneider
David Schneider
Knowledge Engineering
Bill previously served as the Network Administrator at Williams Mullen and as the IT Manager for the University of Oregon.
Bill received his MS from the University of Oregon.
Bill Behnke
Bill Behnke
Technology Platforms
Sasha Rowe is our administrative guru.
Sasha received her BS in Communications and Media Studies from TCU.
Sasha Rowe
Administrative Guru
Rabia Maqsood is pursuing her Masters in Biomedical Informatics at ASU.
Rabia Maqsood
Rabia Maqsood
Margaret Linan is pursuing her Masters in Biomedical Informatics at ASU.
Margaret Linan
Margaret Linan
Jia Zeng is a Biomedical Informaticist at ASU and previously worked as an Application Scientist at Oxford Nanopore Technologies.
Jia earned her PhD in Biological Design at ASU, and her BS in Biological Sciences from Xiamen University.
Jia Zeng
Jia Zeng, PhD
Bioinformatics Research


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