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Systems Imagination provides healthcare and life science partners with comprehensive, transformative, and unmatched ultra-high definition translational medicine solutions by combining proprietary individual technologies with an integrated, data-driven workflow. As a first of its kind bioinformatics services group, we deliver more accurate science and medicine to improve patient outcomes.

  • Innovation
    At SII we integrate the latest methods and technologies available to identify meaningful relationships among various disparate sources of available data.  We understand the research that supports personalized medicine is complex and unique. Therefore, we evaluate each customer’s needs to provide a tailored and innovative approach.
  • Science and Technology
    We support scientific research with the power of computing.  We utilize proprietary cognitive computing technology to deliver a systems medicine approach to data mining.  This unique approach enables us to more effectively integrate and fuse data from multiple scales of biology, which provides our pharmaceutical clients with meaningful undiscovered insights and greater understanding of their data.
  • Expertise
    Our multi-disciplinary team of PhD level scientists, bioinformaticians, computer scientists, statisticians, technologists, and data analysts offers our clients a distinct advantage using data-driven techniques to inform research. We have extensive experience managing and planning complex data projects and maximizing return.


Cutting-Edge Technology. Data Driven Decisions. Accelerated Results.

A unique data driven approach to pharmaceutical, life science, and healthcare research industries research needs.


Complex Science. Maximized Knowledge. Measured Returns.

Fast, flexible solutions utilizing advanced technology, bioinformatics, computational tools, and scientific expertise.

  • Client Needs Assessment

    At SII, our clients have access to an interdisciplinary team of experts in pharmacogenomics, bioinformatics, biostatistics, and “big data” mining methodologies. Our team works collaboratively with our clients to identify the best design for our clients’ research and development needs and provide a comprehensive solution.

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  • Data integration

    We utilize a proprietary technology platform that enables us to aggregate, manage, link, and identify relationships among disparate data sources, revealing meaningful, actionable insights. As the volume of data exponential increases and medicine and technology continue to rapidly evolve, our proprietary knowledge base allows our clients to keep pace and gain critical insights to accelerate research.

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  • Data modeling

    Using a data driven approach to guide clinical research activities we utilize various advanced analytical and modeling techniques such as deep learning and multi-scalar systems modeling. The ability to link and organize the client data into a knowledge network enables more sophisticated types of analysis. SII creates customized pipelines to meet the analytics needs of our clients.

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  • Clinical Translation

    The SII team interprets the analyses to help evaluate and translate results into clinically relevant insights. We have assisted clients in exploring biomarker strategies, rational drug combinations, drug positioning, and clinical trial design. Our team works collaboratively throughout the drug development spectrum.

    SII Analysis Pipeline


We have created partnerships with the best-in-industry technologies across the entire data process.


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Join us in a conversation about the latest bioinformatics methods and their applications in personalized medicine.


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Bringing together science, technology, innovation, and expertise to accelerate research.

Press Releases and SII News

ASU, local experts on the future of AI in health care

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Whitepapers and Case Studies

Old Drug, New Purpose
  • 15 Aug 2016
  • A Case Study in Leveraging a Multiscalar Systems Medicine Approach for Oncology Drug Repositioning.
  • Spyro Mousses, PhD

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Technical Perspectives

Advanced Genomic Analysis for NGS
  • 15 May 2017
  • Recommended Workflows for DNA Methylation Analysis
  • Jia Zeng, PhD

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SII President and Founder, Spyro Moussess, Ph.D recently presented “Multiscalar Systems Modeling to Design Rational Cancer Immunotherapy Combinations” at Molecular Med TriCon 2017.

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